Saturday, May 28, 2011






Home for us has been Yosmite, Laughlin Nevada, Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park and now Salt Lake City.

On Thursday we went to Zion National Park. Again such an unbelieveable place. The cliffs with rock formations looked like layers on top of layers. We left late in the afternoon to go to Zion. It was Bob's birthday and we planned to have dinner in a little town called Springdale. The KOA we stayed at said a restaurant called Bit and Spur was good. We drove through Zion stopping to take pictures. We had a wonderful dinner at Bit and Spur. The weather was great and we sat outside watching the locals go by. Cute little town right in the middle of this national park. The people who live in Springdale or beyond have to go through the national park to get home. How beautiful that must be to see each day. We then drove back to the KOA just when the sun was setting. One unique spot in the park is the one mile long tunnel cut right through the mountain. That was incredible. Next day we are up early and on our way to Bryce which is only an hour away.

Cindy and I left first in the bug and drove to Bryce. The boys followed in the motor home. Cindy wanted to stop in the little towns on the way for shopping. We stopped in Old Town Bryce and did some shopping.

Bryce was absolutely beautiful. Mark was tired of looking at rocks so he stayed and dog sit Mia. Cindy, Bob and I took the little beetle and went to Bryce. It was so different then Zion. Zion had more cliffs with rock formations layers of rock. Bryce had rock formations called "Hoodoos" everywhere. These Hoodoos went straight up to the sky. It looked so pre historic. I was waiting for dinosauers to come out somewhere. Both places were awesome.

We have had a wonderful time! Weather has been beautiful. Today it is a little cloudy in Salt Lake City but warm. We have a beautiful site in the Salt lake city KOA park. Full hookups including TV and WIFI. I didn't even take a picture of the last place we stayed at called Ruby's Inn RV. The site was terrible. Dirt with no WIFI and cable. The bathrooms were miles away and crowded. We couldn't wait to leave that place. The shopping for Cindy and I was great. We found lots of treasures to bring home.

Tomorrow sadly but Bob and Cindy fly home. It has been such a wonderful time with them. I so happy I was able to experience these wonderful places and make special moments with them. I can't wait for the next trip. We all agree now it is "lake time". We want to enjoy our trailers at the lake and make moments to remember there.

Mark and I will be traveling to Yellowstone National Park. I will hopefully post when we are at Yellowstone but have to wait to see if the place we are staying at has WIFI.

Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday Weekend. Say a prayer for our troops every where in the world.



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