Friday, August 15, 2014

I Know It's Been Awhile

Can't believe how long its been since my last post February.  Wow time does go by fast.  Have enjoyed some great moments especially with family and friends.

Well pictures tell the story:

Mark, Markie and Little Markie at the Shark Game

Hailey's first day at preschool

Mark, Erin, Markie and Hailey on vacation in Monterey
The 4 "M"s Mark, Matthew, Maxwell and Little Markie
Papa and Little Markie Painting
Matthew and Maxwell being normal
Pictures tell a thousand words.  We have had a busy summer with parties, weekends away at the lake and just enjoying every moment.
As for my health, everything is going good.  Can't believe it will be 6 years next month since heart transplant.  My light chain count is down to the lowest ever 22.7.  It is so cool to see the letter "L" meaning low finally in that column.  The second chemo Cytroxan has really done the trick.  I hate it along with Decadron but I have to do it.  It's working and I'm going to continue fighting this.  I have a lot more moments to enjoy.
Enjoy the pictures and hopefully it won't take me six months to write again but if I busy enjoying moments well it will.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time to Update

Can't believe how fast a month can go by.  Not that I have a lot to do each day but I just think that's LIFE!

Well what's been happening!  My grandkids are great and I'm having so much fun every time I see them.
Hailey always dressed up like a Princess

Markie painting with Papa
They make me smile everyday.  I continue to fight this disease because I want to see them grow up.  Every moment with them is so precious.
I saw the specialist at Stanford last week.  He was very happy with my numbers, which are down to 28.  Only 2 points away from normal.  I have to do labs tomorrow and every month I do it is so scary.  I hate waiting for the results.  I know how the disease can just all of a sudden go up for no reason.  Some patients who are on the same treatment plan are not doing well.  I am so blessed and hope nothing changes.  There are a lot of new treatments out there but none that have been approved for humans.  I just have to keep fighting until there is a cure.
I have been staying inside a lot lately because of all the flu deaths in our area.  I'm so scared to catch a cold and end up with pneumonia again.  I wear my mask every time I go to Kaiser.  Everyone there is sick.
I haven't been to the trailer and hope we can go this weekend if I feel ok.  Every week it is different.  Some days I'm feeling ok with no sickness and then others I'm so sick.  All from the side effects of chemo and the medication I'm on.
But I'm so blessed.  Sorry for being so short but just am so tired tonight.  The mind is just not working.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite Quote

We should all live this way!!!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The New Year Has Begun

2014 came fast!  I can't believe how fast these years are whizzing by.  I realize how important it is to enjoy every moment.  Moments spent with family and friends are what is important to me.

Mark and I spent a wonderful 6 days at the lake.  We had such a relaxation time.  Of course Mark can't stay still he did a lot of honey dos for me.  He got to go to the casino 2 days and play.  Every day we watched the sun come up over the lake and walked Mia around the park.  I loved that time of day at the lake.  It is so beautiful! 

Steve and Nancie came up on Friday and spent the weekend.  Nancie had so many times to do on her trailer.  It is looking so cute!  We went to dinner Friday night at Riveria Country Club.  Outside the restaurant there is a tree with a "heart shape" on it.  I took a picture and realize "hearts are every where".  The next day we went shopping and I took Nancie to my favorite little shop in Kelseyville called Kelseyville Pharmacy.  Its only open till noon on Saturday so we rushed after breakfast to get there.  I brought 2 inspirational signs and a beautiful heart with a beautiful saying on it.  My plan is to have an inspirational wall of hearts on the outside of the trailer and name it "Hearts are Every Where".  So I'm on a mission to find different hearts with or without sayings.  Mark made me about 10 beautiful red wooden hearts for my back yard here at home.  I love them!!!!

Being at the lake for that amount of time was so peaceful.  I really need time like that.  Moments that take my breath away!!!

This weekend I want to go back but we have to get some things done here at home.  Mark wants to go to Graton casino on Saturday with friends.  Don't know if I'm going yet.  I really love the Graton Casino for the restaurants and the way it looks inside.  Totally a Vegas casino!  Sometimes I like just to relax at home and let Mark have fun with friends.  He needs the time away.  He takes such good care of me and I can be a handful at times.  He hates seeing me sick on the weeks of chemo and going out gives him a break.  Love him so very much!

Next weekend Danny and Diane from Chico are coming to visit here.  Normally they visit at the trailer but they have not seen our new home.  So excited because I get to cook my favorite Italian dinners and we just have a blast with them!  Will take them to the casino because they have not seen it but mostly will stay here at home.  I do want them to visit Mark and Erin to see my grand kids too.

I'm alittle sore today but decided for the next two weeks not to take decadron.  I don't want to be sick when Danny and Diane are here.  So its a vacation from decadron.  Next week on the 15th I will start my monthly treatment of Cytroxan.  Yuck!  Hopefully I won't have too many side effects by the time they get here.  Normally I'm very tired and my digestive system really takes a bunch!  Good thoughts are happening so I won't feel too bad.

Nails and pedicure today.  Relaxation, yes! 

Have a beautiful day!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow did this year go by fast.  I am very blessed to have this time with my family.  2013 was a good year for me.  I have found peace and my life is less stressful.  A lot is because my wonderful husband takes good care of me.  He always asks "Are you happy" and makes sure that each and every day is spent enjoying moments.  We live each day with happiness and especially blessings that we are together.  My sons and grandkids give me hope and push me to keep the fight on.  It's hard sometimes because I don't have many good days but there are so many people out there that have it worse than me.  I pray for those who are suffering with awful diseases.  I see it each and every week I go to chemo.  It really makes you appreciate life and what you have.

Christmas was a blast!  We had our celebration at Mark and Erin's new house.  There house is a lot bigger than mine and it was great!  We had about 25 over including Nonnie's great grandchildren.  It was so cute to see the little ones open presents and just playing together.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl and we would spend every Christmas with our cousins.

Mark and I are leaving on New Year's Eve to spend 6 days at the lake.  I am really looking forward to the peace and quiet.  Of course Mark wants to spend time at his favorite place Konocti Casino and I will visit with my sister and her grand kids.  We will have dinner with friends and Nancie and Steve will be coming on Friday so we will spend the weekend with them.  Fun times ahead!!!

So wishing all a very Happy New Year!  My prayers for the New Year is that it will be full of good health and happiness.  Remember every moment is a gift!  Things are not what brings happiness to your life.  It is the people you love who bring happiness in your life.  Love with all your heart and always make every moment count!



Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Time Traditions

Gingerbread House Building 2013
Hailey building her roof

Markie's gingerbread house

Nonnie and Cashious building his gingerbread house

"Wow what a smile"  Ashanti's beautiful gingerbread house.

Angelina was so proud she did it all by herself

Baby Jazmae

Sissy Kathy built a gingerbread house for her 3 grand kids
This year I made 10 gingerbread houses.  It was such a special moment seeing each child decorate their houses.  Even the big kids love it!  Last night we were at Nancie's house decorating her house and her grandson Riven's house.  Mark and Steve joined in and it was so cute watching the big guys help Riven decorate his house.  These are special moments I will always cherish!!!!
Still not ready for Christmas.  This week was not so good.  Had Valcade on Tuesday with Decadron and started Cytoxan on Sunday and finished yesterday.  So of course today I'm so tired and sore. But the good news is that my numbers are down to 30 (4 away from the top normal range).  What a blessing!!!  I do get to treat myself to a facial this afternoon.  So I will have some relaxation.  This weekend I'm hoping I'm not going to be too sick and finish shopping including food shopping for Christmas dinner.  Everyone is coming to Mark and Erin's new house.  It's so big and will be able to hold all of us.  Maxwell is coming home Monday.  So excited to see him.  Then for New Year's my hubby is taking me away for six days to our lake house.  I can't wait to just eat, sleep and relax.
I am so grateful to have another Christmas to spend with my family and friends.  I hope you will say a prayer for those less fortunate and be thankful for all that you have.  That doesn't mean the new car or new sweater it means the family, health and happiness you have in your life.
Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Enjoy every moment because the only gifts that are worth it this year is the moments you share with love ones.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My most favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  I am so blessed to be celebrating another Thanksgiving.  I thank God for every moment I can spend with my family and friends.

This year I will be having Thanksgiving at my house.  My Mom, sister Mary, Matt, Markie, Erin and of course my little angels Markie and Hailey will be here.  Sad but Maxwell will not be able to join us.  He will be here for Christmas.

Mom and I will be cooking up a storm today.  First on the list and the star of the show is gnocchi.  What would Thanksgiving be without our gnocchi.  Next roasting yams and carrots, Nana is making the stuffing and we will prepare ahead Cheesy Squash.  I'm so excited to have my family here and cooking for them is my passion.  Sissy will be making chocolate and banana cream pies.  Yummy!

I decided to take a Dexadron break this week.  I really had a hard time two weeks ago when I had to take Valcade, Dexadron and Cytroxan.  Wow kicked my butt.  We were in Chico and I couldn't even get off the couch at Danny and Diane's house.  It was awful.  So this week had Valcade yesterday and hopefully won't have too many side effects.

Mark, Markie and Markie (my grandson) will be spending the day together on Friday at the Shark's game.  All three are so excited.  I will be at home making gingerbread houses.  My Christmas tradition is getting bigger.  I have a total of 9 houses to make this year.  It brings me such joy to see my grandkids and grand nieces/nephews and I can't forget Riven (Nancie's grandson) my donor little sisters, Ashanti and Angelina decorating their gingerbread houses.  It is a tradition I have done for many years and makes me feel so blessed.

So here is wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving and stop and enjoy every moment!